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f.s.b.o. (for sale by owner) facts


Homeowners attempting to sell their home on their 
own generally do so for one reason-
to avoid paying a commission fee.

However see below for some eye opening facts:

FACT: Out of the 100% of people trying to sell their home by themselves...only 6% are successful.

FACT: As a "FOR SALE BY OWNER", many Realtors will avoid showing your home even though you might be willing to compensate them...the reason being that the Realtor will have to do all the work on your side without compensation and still incur the risk of liability.

FACT: Instead of 1 person working part time, you will have more than 9,300 people working full time to sell your home. That is the approximate census of realtors working out of your area.

FACT: With so many resources available, I can obtain a greater purchase price for the property than you could by selling it yourself.

FACT: With the aid of the Multiple Listing Service, I can list your property and work with other Realtors to assure a wider range of prospective buyers.

FACT: With an interest in bringing both buyer and seller together, I can negotiate a satisfactory agreement between the parties.

FACT: Before the first showing and beyond the final sale, you will get the expertise and service you need to sell your home.

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